With the new technology makes maintenance lavatory look more attractive

Restroom or bathroom is in our lives an significant put. This is one of the most polluted points in our placement. Each morning begins with a restroom, and the appearance of the placement affects our mood. With the new technology makes renovation restroom look more attractive, and also helps get rid of the unpleasant smell. This is a complex process that includes: 1 Setting of sanitary razvodki2 Replacing bath, washroom, sink, towel smesiteley3 setting, ablution walls in agreement mashiny4 sanuzle5 setting box in sanuzle6 Laying wash tiles on the walls, the wood floor and roof setup koroba7 with built svetilnikami8 Hanging the mirror and polokKak seen a lot of work that requires skill and experience. But for Bole capacity rehabilitation toilet necessary to create the appropriate calculations and planning. Conduct daily repair of toilets in violation of technologies and calculations, which in turn leads to poor performance toilets. All, at first glance, it was done correctly, but the neighbors complain approximately the leak, and the effect of “flooding” of neighbors and nasty accusations. Therefore, it is significant to turn to professionals.

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