Planning a bathroom. Materials for Washroom

Comfort in the five corners. Sophisticated layout limits the restroom in its design. But there are no unsolvable problems, and this is another proof interior that statement. White furniture is selected so to be with the wall and all the lavatory together. However to organize a little space nth pentagonal placement there to fit all the required aqueduct, including the console bathroom and ablution machine? Very simply, says project designer: it needs to properly dispose of area. Three angles used for plant: one shower bath located in another – the toilet, but the third angle took a washing machine. Already the long wall opposite the wood door, and a little install washbasin cabinet for toiletries. Accent color in the bathroom is on the ceilings and the floor. Complex tiered ceilings bright green deprived boring straightness – he repeats the complex form lavatory. White walls visually expand the space, and a huge flower revived him. Putting pentagonal anatomy – very complex form in terms of optimal location of the required facilities. In order to find the right solution, draw on paper and outline placement with a pencil play with area, “Move the” furniture, bathroom fixtures and choose the good variantPlanirovka restroom komnatyOsnovopolagayuschim point in renovating a toilet is the distribution of the resulting space. Later all, so a rule, with the space in the lavatory does not clear up, this is usually 3 – 4 area. Meters. And if the bath combined with a toilet, you wish to manage to “push” out there and the toilet, and it would be goodness if it yet has at least some put. From such a mind may go around. But do not panic. The main thing that should be in the bathroom, be sure to place there. Properly be placed bath, sink, washing machine, which is usually placed in a bath if there is no put in the cook room cabinet for towels and other accessories and toilet, if the bath combined with a bathroom. If the restroom is big, there are no problems, but if the apartment is typical, so you possess to To think of some. If desired, the bath may be changed to put the shower bath or bath shortened type. This variation will allow you to put in the area formed in the wash machine and laundry basket. To save space, It is possible to buy a sink with an adjacent cabinet, where It is possible to put the towels, lotions and other small items. Save a put for you and the shower toilet and the toilet with the direct discharge will save you more, and water, so for once he can merge alone 3 liters of water. Substances vannoyTraditsionno most reliable material for finish works of the toilet was wall tile. It is strong, handsome, has a big resistance to humidity and temperature changes. Ceiling can be suspended from metal rods or water-resistant gypsum board, as properly however tension, it will be much easier to look after. Keep in mind that all work on the electric construction to finish earlier the finish, the wiring want always be grounded. Hide the wiring can be in a suspended ceilings. Independently or yet professionals? Trust work finishers or do renovation yourself, depending on the complexity of the repair and your skills. Advanced materials, for the most part, do not request access to the professionals and designed for their independent use. But this is where you need to be very careful. After all, the slightest deviation from the instructions threatens you poorly done work, and even worse, and alteration of the work. In the presence of professionals, this risk is minimal. But the repair so you will be more expensive because of the work of dressers also keep to pay a considerable amount. But you will have to speedily get a new beautiful washroom. Toilet – one of the most significant places in the home. It therefore requires very careful attention and maintain good condition. Due regard to it will be the key to health for the whole family.

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