The home under renovations of approximately room, but never updated the alone restroom

The cottage is under repair of about rooms, but never updated the only toilet. The reason for its overhaul served as the failure of the bath. The desire to change it is not the usual new, and the bath “whirlpool” has caused a net reaction: to fit it, had a lot to rebuild the premises, which effectively meant a complete bathroom renovation. With a selection of substances was not a issue. For ornament and fireplace in the living room, and window sills at the time was used travertine. He also served however a facing substance for wall and floor coverings in combination with wall panels of mahogany timbered that match the style of the house. To match these substances chosen and aqueduct items in soft greenish tone, and nickel-plated fittings. Lavatory furniture manufactured by mitt. Preliminary work carried out on their own, too. Already comfort in the room do not alone properly selected substances, but above all, more rational than the old layout of the rooms. Thus, a douche and a bath from a dark corner behind the wood door to the window rearranged. Their put is presently occupied by sinks with a large mirror, which makes the whole rooms, including the shower bath glass wall, lighter and visually more spacious.

Refurbishing flats

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