As to styling their own washroom?

When a new project or renovations of old washroom want weigh what to expect from the bathroom, with the ergonomics, functionality and practicality. Lavatory, great or little, is, above all, for the daily hygiene, ablution, bathing and showering. Following assignment restroom in little apartments, ablution and drying clothes. Often, part of the washroom is a bathroom. Not in the last row of the toilet experience as a place for relaxation, where trying to recharge your batteries. Minimal area request. What would you feel comfortable in the bathroom, one need understand the important thing: even with all the equipment in the bathroom should be enough area for you to comfortably dry off with a wiper, to get out of the bath or brushing your teeth, standing earlier a mirror, and it does not strike the corner cabinet or a wash machine. To get enough area, you want to follow the basic principles of accommodation, given the minimum distance ‘tween individual subjects, distance from walls and walkways. What we really claim to be in the restroom? Also our ideas and require to the functionality of the toilet requires planning and subsequent implementation of the interaction of specialists that are implemented development and electrical work, distribution of water, floor tile work and plant of lavatory fittings. But so to start? Renovating a bathroom is often a solution for tens of years or for life. The changes that you implement may be highly radical. Therefore, get not started the destruction of the walls, construction, and range of the plant, bathtubs, shower bath enclosure or cubicle, washbasin, cabinet, faucet, sink and jack-towel, ask yourself a few basic questions and try to answer them: 1. However many people will use the lavatory? While at the like time all the members of the house will not be in it, you yet uchityvatnalichie space and shelves. Pay attention to the selection of equipment, as that toilet suit everyone and that every woman there was a put for towels and personal hygiene items. If the home is lots of people, the best decision is two basins with a nice put for things and shelves. 2. Love speedily take a shower bath or a long soak in the tub? Or do you demand both? Decision always exists. 3. Do you should to put in the bathroom ablution machine, or It is possible to run it to another rooms? Usually, at present, there is a wash machine in the kitchen or hallway. Weigh this variant. So get a put, such as a locker, laundry baskets, however correctly so, perhaps, for the bath and douche enclosure simultaneously. 4. Do you need to combining a toilet with a bath or you are a supporter of separate placement? If the house is living more than two people, then it is better to share the restroom and lavatory, of course, if it is potential. As, will the needs of all members of the household, and perhaps gain more space in the bathroom. 5. Toilet is not big enough to put there anything you imagine? Without what the restroom will not do What it want stay? And from then on the contrary, given the size and functionality of the toilet, It is possible to give up?

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