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When tiling is profitable on the wall tile, and in which not? 1. Speed is essential repairs washroom quickly. 2. It is significant to the cost of overhaul the toilet, the limited scope of funding. 3. It is possible to raise the wood floor by 15 mm – thickness with wall tile adhesive. 4. Reducing the size of the rooms you are not critical and not on impact. 5. Comfortably-kept old wall tiles on the wall, but is unsightly. These are the main issues that affect the decision to carry out wall and floor tiles on the floor tile. The advantages of this method are obvious. Faster move-wash tile on wall tile, you do the dismantling of the old tiles line the walls. – Respectively, the value of work and substances option tile over wall tile is much more economical and cheaper. – The ability to create a warm wood floor. Put the heating mat for wood floor heating, this is described in the article – a warm wood floor of the heating mat. Disadvantages wall and floor wall tiles, the tile is also obvious. – Reduces the size of the rooms the bathroom or restroom, respectively, when little dimensions restroom plant can not stand (bath or wash machine). Decreased-height rooms, nice to get the stock so this is acceptable. But when the level again after mounting is obtained above the threshold – this is unacceptable. However to create tiling on the floor tile floors and walls? 1. Vypolnit trained existing wash tiles – for this we create a rough surface of the existing tile, it is required for goodness bonding with the wall tile adhesive for the lining. The rough surface can be achieved by the apply of a drill or grinder with a particular brushing, for example, can apply a stiff brushing to polish up the metal from rust. Can and sandpaper to make a surface, while Bulgarian faster. That wash tile, which is poorly kept, delete. Should only hold comfortably on a wall or floor floor tiles. 2. We remove all the debris and dust. 3. Gruntuem primer adhesive and align the places where there is an existing chipped wall tiles and where the tile behind and therefore missing. 4. Gruntuem priming the entire surface of an existing wall or wood floor, where we will coat the tile floors. 5. Further carry out the work on the wood floor or wall covering by all the rules and techniques of data facing surfaces. 6. Fill the joints betwixt the tiles waterproof elastic jointing, and where necessary, use the sealant. 7. Admiring the new wash tile and renovated washroom. The materials used here-primer Ceresit CT 16 and adhesive Ceresit CM 17. There is another version when exclude dusty work and instead of making a rough surface using a special film forming primer Ceresit CN 94 and elastic adhesive mixture «Flex» Ceresit CENTIMETERS 16. Both options undoing wall tiles carry out Ceresit CE 35 aquastatic and sanitary silicone sealant Ceresit CS 25. More on this variation may be seen in the video. Tiling is performed on the wall tile is much faster when compared to the dismantling of the old version of the wall tiles, and the most important thing is cheaper.

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